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For only 24 hours every dollar you donate is worth $3!
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Goal:  $25,000

Every day of the year Chabad of Brandon is a home for all Jews, regardless of affiliation, background or ability to pay. A warm inviting place for them to learn and experience their heritage in a non-judgmental and friendly atmosphere. 

Being that we don't charge membership and our events are free of charge or have reduced fees, our work is dependent on the generosity of individuals in the community such as yourself. Today you can make a difference by joining the campaign and helping us reach the goal, maximizing this great opportunity.

Thanks our most generous matchers every dollar donated during the next 24 hours will be worth three, so

$100 = $300

$250 = $750

$360 = $1,080

$500 = $1,500

$1,000 = $3,000

$1,800 = $5,400


We can only reach the goal with your help, please give generously!

Thank you,

Rabbi Mendel & Tzippy Rubashkin

We Thank Our Recent Partners
AM Deitsch
Patricia Bunk
Lisa Friedman
Ken Posner
Mendel Sputz
Viktor Fdorovsky
Carol Cohen